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“Set Your AI-Generated Art Apart From
the Masses Using Little-Known Advanced Strategies That Will Eclipse All Others!” 
Leave Your Competitors Scratching Their Heads on How You Created Your Stunning Art!
There is an ever-increasing number of AI-based art creation programs that enable us to create amazing, never-before-seen works of art featuring nearly any subject matter or style. New options are being added almost daily and existing programs are expanding their feature lists. It is both dizzying and exciting!

However, while many of these programs are indeed revolutionary, they are, by no means, perfect. The true magic in creating a final, stunning work of art comes from what you do AFTER the AI generates the foundational art based on your guidance. These advanced strategies can make or break your resulting art. It's what separates what YOU create from everyone else who uses the SAME technologies.

And then there is the AI programming that few people know about unless you're a programmer or math nerd. This secret code unlocks even more incredible art creation opportunities with know how to find them and use them!

So what's the big deal? Why should you even care about these advanced programs and strategies? Simple...

ANYONE can generate decent results using the same programs you do. In other words, the EASY to create AI Art is a very crowded space and YOUR creations will get lost in the crowd, UNLESS, you do what others don't know to do or are unwilling to do. What you can create is ONLY limited by your own imagination and the tools you use.

You MUST set yourself apart from everyone else! And the great news is that I can show you how to do just that!
Here are some art examples I created using 
advanced AI strategies I have discovered...
Note: The Illustrations Were Created Using Strategies & Technology I Have NOT Demoed Before!
As you can see above, the results range from fantasy to photorealistic, ethereal to hyper-detailed. But NONE of these results can be achieved without following the strategies I will be sharing in “AI Art Creation: Advanced Strategies!
Here is what we will be covering in “AI Art Creation: Advanced Strategies:”

Module One: AI Assembly Strategies
ALL my AI-Based NFTs were assembled using a number of strategies that push AI outputs
well beyond simple keyword phrases. In this module, I will show you exactly HOW I created illustrations like the Bear and Eagle above.

Module Two: Building Your OWN AI Models (the easy way)
AI algorithms can ONLY create their images based on the models they use for source material. In this module, we will explore some of the new models that have been developed. We will also walk through the strategies for creating our OWN models for the AI to create unique outputs not available anywhere else (the princesses and butterflies are examples).

Module Three: Groundbreaking Colabs
Believe it or not, MUCH of the truly groundbreaking AI Art is NOT being created using the
off-the-shelf, popular AI software we all know and love. It is being created using other methods and strategies, some of which aren't even available in commercial software. In this module, I will introduce you to advanced strategies that will open the door to a brand-new, AI world of possibility (The hyper-detailed pattern art is one example).

Special BONUS: New AI-Based Options Now Available
In this Special Bonus, I showcase some of the new AI-based software that has been launched at the beginning of 2022. It is always good to have more options available to us and this bonus will reveal some of the best!
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    • Access to LIVE Trainings.
    • Ongoing Access to the Replays for All 3 Modules.
    • Slides for All 3 Modules (PDFs).
    • BONUS: New AI-Based Options Now Available

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Live Class Schedule: February 21, 28, March 7, 2022
Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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