Brand-New AI Illustration Training - From Tony Laidig...
“Unlock the Secrets of Using AI to Create Stunning Art and Captivating Stories Like Never Before!” 
Create Illustrated Storybooks, Comics, Graphic Novels, Audio & Video Books & More!
I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do! 

–HAL 9000 computer in the 1968 Science Fiction Classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” 
As a modern-day artist or writer, have you ever felt overwhelmed by the ever-evolving world of AI technology and its impact on storytelling? Are you unsure how to harness these tools' incredible power to take your creativity to new heights?

The tools of the Storyteller have expanded in exciting new ways, with more amazing tools coming onto the scene nearly every day! It's time to seize the moment and tap into AI's limitless possibilities. For the first time ever, we can tell and illustrate stories in ways not possible before!
Can AI “REALLY” Help Write and Illustrate GOOD Stories?
The answer is a resounding “Yes!” once you discover and understand how to leverage the “fullest possible uses” that AI offers!

Discover how to leverage the top AI Technologies like ChatGPT4 & Bard, MidJourney & Leonardo, and others to become the ultimate, creative Storyteller.

In this brand-new training, you will discover the secrets to telling your stories through print, audio, video, and more!

We will reveal the BEST strategies to create Illustrated Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, and others through digital mediums, print, audiobooks, video, and more!

With my expert guidance, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and techniques you need to conquer the AI-driven world of storytelling. 
What Stories Are Waiting to Be Told?
Here Are Some AI-Generated Settings & Characters to Inspire You...
Introducing: “AI Storyteller Strategies!” 
Embark on a journey that will change the way you tell stories forever through this brand-new course by AI Expert, Tony Laidig!
Here is what to expect from each of the Four Course Modules:

Module One: A Storyteller's Playbook
Dive into the fundamentals of storytelling using AI, and master the art of crafting compelling narratives, unforgettable characters, and immersive worlds with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Module Two: Children's Books
Learn how to create enchanting children's books that capture the hearts and minds of young readers. Unlock the secrets of combining AI-generated art and text to weave stories that resonate with children and parents alike.

Module Three: Comic Books & Graphic Novels
Unleash the full potential of AI to create visually stunning comic books and graphic novels. Discover how to use AI-driven tools to develop engaging storylines, breathtaking artwork, and dynamic panel layouts that will captivate readers of all ages.

Module Four: Audio & Video Books
Step into the world of audio and video storytelling, and learn how to create immersive audiobooks and video books using AI. Transform your stories into captivating multimedia experiences that will engage listeners and viewers like never before.
Your Special, Limited-Time Offer...
As always, your investment includes: 
    • Access to the LIVE Trainings.
    • Ongoing Access to the Replays for All 4 Modules.
    • Slides for All 4 Modules (PDFs).

For the next few days, you can gain access to the training for a special discounted rate of just $297 $197 $97 (Limited Time)! 
Join Me for...“AI Storyteller Strategies!” 
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Live Class Schedule: Thursday, April 13 & 20, 2023 @ 2pm ET and Thursday, April 27, 2023 @ 10am & 2pm ET
Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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