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“Finally...a Reference Guide to Help You Leverage the World's BEST Artist Styles
to Create AMAZING AI Art Results!” 
Discover NEW Art Styles from 1,667 Artists in ALL Genres!
One of the biggest issues I have seen many people struggle with in their quest to generate AMAZING AI Art is the Prompt Generation necessary to create “Wow Factor” Art. Sure, it is easy enough to copy the Prompts that OTHERS are using on AI Platforms like MidJourney, DreamStudio, NightCafe, Accomplice, and others. But when it comes to creating their OWN prompts, lackluster results are often the reward for time (and money) spent. It can be frustrating!

In my extensive testing and experimenting with all the various AI options that are available, I made an important discovery that makes achieving STUNNING results all but guaranteed! What I discovered is actually common sense...certain artists are known for specific styles and genres of art. So it stands to reason that the resulting STYLE should be somewhat predictable when using a specific artist's name. And the BEST part is that this style can be identified as “how the AI interprets” the artist's name!
Here Are Some Examples of What I Mean...
Note: The Prompt Used Was Simply, “Art Style of [Artist Name]...
As you can see above, the results JUST from using the Artist Names are impressive! Now HERE is where the MAGIC happens...When you align an Artist Style with the type of art you wish to generate, you are GUARANTEED to get amazing results! What to generate a beautiful fantasy landscape? Find an artist style already KNOWN by the AI to create amazing landscapes!
Here is where the “AI Artist Style Guide” can help immensely:”

Part One: Artist Styles A – D 
Includes the PDF containing all the Artist Style outputs with names A through D. The video will explain how to best use the PDF resources as a foundation to build the best, most focused prompts, including demos. 

Part Two: Artist Styles E – L 
Includes the PDF containing all the Artist Style outputs with names E through L. The video will expand on prompt strategies with demos to compare results generated from various of the most popular AI platforms.

Part Three: Artist Styles M – Z 
Includes the PDF containing all the Artist Style outputs with names M through Z. The video will include advanced prompt strategies demos using multiple artist styles along with other descriptor words to achieve stunning art results! 
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    • Ongoing Access to ALL 3 PDF Style Guides.
    • Ongoing Access to the Videos Included with Each Part.
    • Slides PDFs from the Video Training.

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