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In 2016, I got the idea to create Fantasy Illustrations for each of my four Grandchildren. The goal was to create illustrations that reflected their uniqueness and that served as a special gift from me for Christmas. I also knew that by creating detailed photo composites, the illustrations would serve as a fun challenge to explore new art methods! Below are the Fantasy Illustrations I created for 2016 and 2017.
Christmas 2016 Fantasy Illustrations...
Christmas 2017 Fantasy Illustrations...
This Is One of the BEST Skills You Can Develop!
While it's fun to show off my Grandchildren, the point I want to get across to you today is this: Understanding the tricks and strategies of Photo Compositing will benefit you in MANY, many ways...from book cover design and book illustrations, to posters and eCom products! You can literally create any type of visual once you understand the process! As a matter of fact, these are the SAME skills I've learned and developed over the past 25 years working as a designer. I use them EVERY day!
Introducing...“Photo Composite Illustrations!”
Over the past few years, I've received MANY requests to teach more on advanced photo compositing. To that end...I decided that, THIS YEAR, I would record the ENTIRE process of create ALL 4 Fantasy Illustrations for Christmas 2018! You will be able to see, first hand, my entire creation and thought process, from beginning to end! 

Understand that what I share and demonstrate in these videos are NOT just for creating fantasy illustrations! You can apply the methods and strategies I share to ANY type of design project, from your next book cover design to posters, greeting cards, ecom and MUCH more!

Because each illustration takes around 6 - 8 hours to create, I've decided to showcase all the creation and design process but not include some of the boring stuff, like all the tedious image silhouetting or preliminary image research. That resulted in a much more manageable time frame for the compositing process. The length of each of the 4 videos ranges from around 100 minutes to 240 minutes and are in the Member's Area.

To give you an idea of what to expect, below is the final result from Video One along with the individual photos used to create the final composite illustration!
Final “Painted” Illustration Created Using Photo Compositing Techniques!
Primary Photos Used for the Final Composite Illustration.
Over the course of the FOUR Demo-Only, Video Training Modules, you will discover:
  • The most effective ways to silhouette objects in photographs.
  • How to color correct and color match multiple objects in a scene.
  • Creative scaling and resizing tricks.
  • Glass effects and inserting characters into glass objects.
  • Achieving realism in composited scenes.
  • The details to pay attention to and the ones to ignore.
  • Time savers and when to use them.
  • Converting your final scenes into paintings and how to maintain detail.
  • And So Much More...
Please note that the videos are hands-on, over-my-shoulder training demos. You will watch me actually create the illustrations for my grandkiddos. As a result, there will be no slide-based teaching...ONLY demo (the good stuff)!
The Final Three Illustrations Created in “Photo Composite Illustrations!”
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