A New Deep Dive Demo From Tony Laidig!
“Discover the Amazing Design Power of Filter Forge, One of the Best Art Creation Apps on the Planet!”
No Art Skill Necessary!
I love art software and chances are you do as well! They provide us with the opportunity to create art WITHOUT having to be artistic! Imagine turning ANY photo you have taken with your camera or phone and instantly turn it into a beautiful painting or work of art!

While there are MANY options available to us that create art from photos, FilterForge takes it MANY steps further! In FilterForge you gain access to over 12,000 different options for creating art in many different ways. Not only does it enable you to turn your photos into any number of countless styles of art (watercolor, grunge, oil painting, line art and thousands more), it ALSO makes it EASY to generate all types of patterns, from psychedelic-looking strangeness and complex blends to realistic-looking bricks and maps. 

What makes FilterForge even MORE valuable as a program is that EVERY filter within the program is fully editable. That means you can adjust existing filters to your own liking or even create NEW ones!

What We Cover in the FilterForge Deep Dive:
Pattern Creation and Generation
FilterForge's ability to generate diverse and realistic patterns is second to none. We dig deep into what FiterForge offers, both in-program and from their web community!
Photos to Illustrations
This is my favorite part! We explore the best photo-to-art options available in FilterForge. I show you how to apply them and download new ones!
Editing Existing Filters
Where FilterForge really shines is in its ability to edit and generate filters. New filters are added to the library literally every day!
Here Are Some Examples of Filter Effects in FilterForge!
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* Please Note: Some of the Deep Dives Were Originally From Other Courses Including: “Creative Media Mastery” and “Creative Publishing Academy.”
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