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Art creation as we know it has fundamentally changed...

Over the past few years I have taught many strategies and techniques that have enabled thousands of my students to easily create professional-looking illustrations for their children's books...even if they didn't know how to draw! Those trainings grew out of my own passion to use photography as a foundation for art creation...and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Little did I know that a discovery made by three German researchers would fundamentally change our ability to create art from photographs.

Through experimenting with neural networks and artificial intelligence, these pioneering researchers created an algorithm that can analyze two images and then create a new, hybrid version of the art with attributes of both. 

This remarkable discovery has led to amazing tools we can now use to create stunning, hybrid illustrations that, two short years ago, were IMPOSSIBLE to create!
“Let Me Be Your Guide on a New Illustration Adventure!”

Over the past several months, I’ve done considerable testing and experimenting using EVERY app and software program available that utilizes this amazing AI technology. As you would imagine, there are a few that are better than the others. But I also discovered something most cases, the end result, while awesome looking, could not be used as-is for illustration purposes. I began to discover resolution issues and unpredictable artifacting. I saw the potential in what was possible so I pushed deeper into experimenting with multi-modal illustration results and tried-and-true design strategies. The results are nothing short of amazing.

Here are a few examples...

Those experiments led to others until I realized that I was on to something HUGE...something that YOU could easily create yourself and open up new doors for art-based products of ALL types! I mean, imagine...being able to take a simple black and white photo and turn it into something that is truly beautiful...
The photo on the left was used to create two different styles of NEW illustrations in just a matter of moments...and these are just the tip of the iceberg!
Here are two variations of the same dinosaur photo using a few of these new design methods...crazy right?!
So here’s what I’ve planned...and I think you're going to LOVE this!

I recently shared all the new hybrid illustration styles in a brand-new “Easy Book Illustrations” training! Over the course of the 4-Module LIVE-taught training, I revealed every strategy I’ve uncovered to use these new illustration technologies and processes to help you create stunning art to use in your children’s books, for your mugs and t-shirts, for posters and puzzles, buttons and more! Honestly, these tools are gamechangers once you understand the best ways to incorporate them in your design workflow!

Here is what to expect:
  • Planning and Preparation for Creating Hybrid Illustrations.
  • The Best Types of Photos (and Artwork) to Use.
  • In-Depth Step-by-Step Training on the New Apps and Software We Will Be Using to Create Our Illustrations (these will include a variety of tablet, desktop and web-based apps).
  • Next-Level Strategies for Combining Multiple Modes of Design to Create Gorgeous Illustrations.
  • A Product Workflow for Generating Consistent, Repeatable Results for Multiple Illustrations.
  • LOTS of Case Studies That Demonstrate the Limitless Illustration Variations Available to Us.
  • Adding Subtle Additional Details That Make a Huge Difference to Your Art.
  • And So Much More...
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Your investment today into “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles” includes:
  • Access to the LIVE-taught Training for All Four Modules
  • Ongoing Access to the Replays for All Four Modules
  • Dedicated Facebook Group for “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles”
  • BONUS: Deep Dive: Jixi Pix Impresso Pro Video Training
  • BONUS: Deep Dive: Spektral Art Video Training
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