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New AI-Driven Illustration Tools...Even If You’ve
Never Create a Piece of Art in Your Life!”
Perfect for Your Children’s Books, Posters, Ecom Products and MORE! 

Art creation continues to evolve at the speed of technology...

Traditionally, when we think of creating artwork, the first things that come to mind are likely canvas, paint and brushes, etc. And while those and other traditional mediums are certainly still valid, there are new art contenders that are forcing us to take notice!

Today we hear about revolutionary software technologies, like Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Photo Style Transfer, Interactive Generative Art and Node-Based Procedural Texturing and have no idea what it really is or does.

Well I can tell you first-hand that, what it does makes it easier than ever for ANYONE, including YOU, to easily create truly amazing works of art!

These remarkable discoveries based on artificial intelligence and complex algorithms have led to amazing tools we can now use to create stunning, hybrid illustrations, even if we've never created a piece of art...ever! 
“I’m Here to Guide You on an Astonishing Illustration Adventure Using These Smart Technologies!”

Over the past several months, I have continued to explore the latest, bleeding edge technology for creating art using this amazing AI technology. What I continue to find is that, while the tech and what it can do is nothing short of amazing, understanding how to use the raw art results for commercial purposes is another story. Many of the latest programs still have resolution issues and unpredictable artifacting. The challenge was to apply tried-and-true design strategies to these new illustration options to create art we can use for our projects. The results are nothing short of mind-blowing!

Here are a few examples...
Convolutional Neural Networks allow us to EASILY apply styles from other paintings to our OWN photos to create amazing, new artforms!
Using sophisticated Photoshop Actions, a couple clicks of your mouse can turn your photos into an amazing works of art!
One extremely psychedelic example of how the Deep Dream process can interpret a photo...before and after!
Here are two examples what can be created using Interactive Generative Art!
So here’s what I’ve planned...and I think you're going to LOVE this!

In this latest, BRAND-NEW in-depth training course, I reveal a new series of hybrid illustration styles and strategies for the ever-popular “Easy Book Illustrations” series! Over the course of the 6-Module training, I share every strategy I’ve uncovered to use these new illustration technologies and processes to help you create stunning art to use in your children’s books, for your Ecom POD products, for posters and puzzles, buttons and more! Honestly, these tools are game-changers once you understand the best ways to incorporate them in your design workflow!

Here is what to expect:
  • Discovering the Revolutionary Software and Apps Leading the Charge for A.I.-Based Art.
  • In-Depth Step-by-Step Training on the New Apps and Software We Will Be Using to Create Our Illustrations, Including: 6 Amazing Desktop Programs, 3 Web-Based Apps,
    7 Mobile Apps and 5 Photoshop Actions.
  • Next-Level Strategies for Combining Multiple Modes of Design to Create Gorgeous Illustrations.
  • MANY Case Studies to Demonstrate the Limitless Illustration Variations Available in the Software Options.
  • How to Kit-Bash Your Favorite Outputs to Create Hybrid Results.
  • And So Much More...
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  • Dedicated Facebook Group for “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles”
  • BONUS: Deep Dive: PhotoDonut Software Training
  • BONUS: Deep Dive: PhotoPea Software Training
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