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“Discover the Scalable and Creative Power of
Vector Art...and Transform Your Photographs
Into Stunningly Simple Art Forms...” 
Perfect for Your Children’s Books, Posters, Ecom Products and MORE! 
If you are like me, it's likely that you are an art and software junkie! There are SO many AMAZING options available to us today for creating fresh-looking professional art from our photos that NOBODY should have an excuse for not creating art! Whether you need art for your children's books, book covers, POD products, fine art prints and more, there are MORE solutions now available to you and I than every before!
“The Best News of All Is That ANYONE Can Do This!”

Over the past two years, I've been exploring, testing and using HYBRID illustration styles with my photos to demonstrate just what's possible using simple photos and easy-to-use software. I've found some duds to avoid and some programs that left me stunned by the art power they wield. 

In the latest training for the “Hybrid” series, “Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 5,” we dive into the deep end once again with 11 web-based and desktop programs! This time, we focus SOLELY on our options to convert photographs into VECTORS!

I was honestly SHOCKED at the results as I began to research and experiment with some of this software. A few of the programs I had heard of, but several were new to me (well, not anymore). Every time...just when I think I've discovered ALL the best software illustration options available to us, I uncover new software and techniques even MORE crazy cool than some of the ones I've previously shared. 

Here are examples from the training that demonstrate the creative power available for generating vector graphics...and MOST of the apps offer MANY variations and variables! Some of these illustration styles simply are NOT reproducible using ANY other software option!
YES...ALL the above are Vector illustrations! It's hard to see the amazing detail in some of the art here because of size limitations. For instance, the Dino above is actually made up of thousands of tiny dinosaur shapes! And the snail? Just lines...LOTS of lines (think pen and ink).
So here’s what I created...and I think you're going to LOVE this!

As you can see...there are a LOT of fun and realistic-looking styles that we can "play" with, and once again, this latest BRAND-NEW in-depth training course features a new crop of the BEST!
I will walk you through EACH of the 11 Hybrid Illustration Vector programs as well as introduce the programs AND share some next-level tips in the final module! All 13 of these modules are pre-recorded...that means you will have access to everything immediately! I will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to use the apps and programs to create stunning art for use in your children’s books, for posters and puzzles... literally for use on any type of product based on art! Honestly, these tools are game-changers once you understand the best ways to incorporate them in your design workflow!

Here is what to expect:
  • Demoes of all 11 apps (Please Note: This training ONLY focuses on the Vector aspects of some of the included software, not the entire program).
  • Design insights and strategies for using multiple programs together.
  • How to easily create variations to fit your tastes within each of the demos.
  • Project workflow and the best ways to handle processing multiple images.
  • And So Much More...
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For the next few days, you can gain access to the training for a special discounted rate of just $197 $97 (Limited Time)! 

Your investment today into “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 5” includes:
  • Ongoing Access to All 13 Modules (an Introduction and 12 Hands-On Demo Modules)
  • Dedicated Facebook Group for “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles”
  • BONUS: “Stylized Comic Art Using Custom Palettes” (from EBI, Level Two).
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“EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 5” 
Featuring New Demoes for 11 Vector Art Programs!
Now Only $197 $97 - LIMITED TIME!
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Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
The desktop software works on both PC and Mac. The apps are demoed on an iPad.
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