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“Create Next-Level Illustrations for Your Books, Cards, Posters, and Other Physical Products Using the Latest AI-Powered Technologies!” 
Easily Create and Enhance Illustrations and Photos Using Methods That Were Impossible a Year Ago!
Our Art Creation and Photo Processing options are radically changing with more and more companies pushing the limits of AI technologies! What I love most about these leaps into the unknown depths of art is how easy it is for ANYONE to get great results! Whether you need art for your children's books, book covers, POD products, fine art prints, and more, your options for creating the impossible are dramatically increasing by the day!
“While Many Are Still Captivated by the ‘Neato’ Factor of this AI Technology, I Have Been Figuring Out How to Leverage It!”

The primary reason I have been pushing hard on the boundaries of these new technologies is that I want to give you an edge over other potential competitors. I understand that many do not have the time and energy to invest in figuring out how to use the latest art strategies. And the GREAT news is that you really don't need to. Why? Because I am committed to the responsibility of investing my own time and energy on your behalf to then show you exactly which technologies to pay attention to and use and which ones to ignore!

And I will say this...what is now possible for us is incredibly eye-opening!
In “AI Master Lab,” we dive even deeper into using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create amazing illustrations and to transform our photos. I continue to be WOWED by the results!

Below are examples of my latest explorations that we will cover in this brand-new training. These examples demonstrate the creative power available to us for creating unique, original illustrations of many types. Some of the programs we look at also give us MANY variations and variables we can use to tweak and refine our designs! Some of these illustration styles are simply NOT reproducible using ANY other software option!
All the Illustrations Below are AI-Generated or
AI-Enhanced Using the Technologies I Will Be Demoing!
Turn Portraits Into Disney-Styled Cartoons...
Stories Into AI-Generated Illustrations
Drawings Into AI-Generated Photo-Realistic Portraits
Neural Filter Effects
AI Style Transfer
AI-Generated Composites
AI-Generated Backgrounds
AI Special Effects Overlays...
AI-Generated LUT's...
AI-Generated Effects...
I think you will agree...the illustrations above are just insane. With the exception of the source photos of my granddaughters, EVERYTHING else is AI-Generated!

Once again, this latest BRAND-NEW in-depth training course features a new crop of the BEST AI Technology options available to us! I will walk you through EACH of the AI program options as well as share some next-level tips in the final module! I will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to use the apps and programs to create stunning art for use in your children’s books and other types of books, for posters, cards, POD products... literally for use on any type of product based on art! Honestly, these tools are game-changers once you understand the best ways to incorporate them in your design workflow!

Here is what to expect:
  • Demos of all the AI-Generated Illustration platforms used to create the examples above.
  • Design insights and strategies for using multiple programs together.
  • The latest AI-Driven tools from Adobe, Topaz Labs, Skylum and more.
  • Project workflow and the best ways to handle processing multiple images.
  • And So Much More...
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For the next few days, you can gain access to the training for a special discounted rate of just $197 $97 (Limited Time)! 

Your investment today into “AI Master Lab” includes:
  • Module One: Turning Photos Into Cartoons, Text to Illustrations, Drawings to Photos and More!
  • Module Two: AI-Generated Backgrounds and Special Effects, Adobe's Brand-New AI Tools.
  • Module Three: Style Transfer, Latest AI Tools From Skylum, Topaz Labs, and Others.
  • BONUS: Step-By-Step How-to Video for Creating AI-Generated Composites.
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Now Only $197 $97 - LIMITED TIME!
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