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“Discover the Secret Prompt Creation Strategies for Achieving Stunning and Repeatable AI Image Generation!” 
Works for ALL AI Art Generators Including: MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, & Dall-E 2!
In the ever-changing environment of AI-Generated art, there is ONE vital understanding that rises above ALL others: How to engineer prompts that generate predictable, repeatable results. If you have spent ANY time at all on any of the current AI Platforms, you likely have experienced the fact that getting the prompt right to create what you envision can be easier said than done! I've been there with you! And then I made a hard-one discovery that changed my AI Art results forever! My results shifted from amateurish-looking to pro-level!
I Began to Understand HOW the AI Actually Interpreted the Prompts I Entered!
After generating nearly 50K images and investing 1,000's of hours in testing, I began to recognize patterns...very specific patterns that generate very specific results. I have shared a few of these discoveries in the past, such as the importance and benefit of using an artist's style. But with these latest discoveries...we'll call them Prompt can create custom “fill-in-the-blanks” prompts that will generate consistent, repeatable results EVERY time!

These Prompt Formulas open doors of opportunity for you and me that aren't available for those who haven't mastered the Prompt Engineering process! And the BEST news is that you will NOT have to invest the 1,000's of hours of research and testing that I did...I'm going to share my discoveries and results with you!
Below are Examples From Some of the Prompt Formulas I've Perfected...
The examples above are just a few Stylized Prompt Formulas I will be demoing!
Introducing: “AI Art Creation: Prompt Engineering!” 
This brand-new course by AI Expert, Tony Laidig, will blow the lid off of the BEST Prompt Engineering Strategies you can use to create predictable, repeatable images using the AI Art platforms of your choice! 
Here is what we will be covering in “AI Art Creation: Prompt Engineering”

Module One: Understanding the Prompt Engineering Process
In this module, we will discuss the best strategies you can use to create predictable prompts from scratch. The benefits to understanding this process is huge, especially for book illustration, card deck creation, print-on-demand products, and more!

Module Two: Prompt Reinvention – Leveraging Other People's Prompts
This module reveals how you can leverage other people's prompts to create new, repeatable results. This isn't about copying what other people are will discover how to completely reinvent these prompts to make them your own!

Module Three: How to Monetize Your Prompts
Can you REALLY make money from your prompts? The short answer is a solid YES! In this module, I will lay out the BEST strategies you can use to earn money for your prompt efforts! This will be the perfect wrapup for the skills you will learn in Module's 1 & 2!
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    • Ongoing Access to the Replays for All 3 Modules.
    • Slides for All 3 Modules (PDFs).

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Live Class Schedule: Thursdays, January 19 & 26, February 2, 2023 @ 2pm ET!
Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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Secure payments through Paypal...
Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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