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It is likely that you have heard of (and used) most of the top AI Platforms available today, such as MidJourney, Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and the MANY options available for the latter two AI architectures. But what you are likely completely unaware of are the DOZENS of other AI Art options based on stylized AI models. These models are trained to provide very focused art styles and art types and are each amazing in their own right! These have sprung up due, in part, to the Open Source nature of many of the AI technologies. But, unless you're a programmer or tech nerd, these stylized AI models have remained largely hidden...that is, until now!

I have to admit, when I first came across these custom AI models, I didn't realize what they were or what value they held. As a matter of fact, at face value, the idea of how they even worked felt intimidating. But then I discovered the secret that unlocked their true potential and was completely blown away by the results. Below are some of my initial results! As you can see below, the outputs offer artistic styles with MANY applications for product creation, publishing, POD, and more!

Below are some art examples you can
create using these custom AI Art Models
Please Note: I Have NOT Demoed ANY of These Models or Platforms Before Now! 

The examples below are just a few of the 32+ Models to be demoed!
The examples above are just a few of the 32+ Models to be demoed!
Introducing: “AI Art Creation: Stylized Art Models!” 
This brand-new course by AI Expert, Tony Laidig, is absolutely PACKED with little-known AI Models and output strategies that you can easily use for your own project needs! Over the course of 3 modules, you will discover 32 stylized AI Art Models that generate fantastic art styles of all types. You will also learn of several new AI platforms that open up the AI doorways to some exciting new features and options not found elsewhere on nearly every other platform! This is bleeding-edge technology at its finest! Many of these models and websites are only weeks old!
Here is what we will be covering in “AI Art Creation: Stylized Art Models:”

Module One: Stylized AI Models, Part One
In this module, we explore 16 stylized AI models that are custom trained to generate specific styles of art output. These are mostly based on styles from books, comics, and games.

Module Two: Stylized AI Models, Part Two
This module reveals 16 MORE stylized AI models! These stylized art models focus on more creative artistic styles of outputs, such as vector-style art, 3D art styles, low-polygon styles and more!

Module Three: Create Your OWN Custom Styles + New Tech
In this packed module, we will 3 amazing new AI platforms that you have likely never heard of before. These platforms bring together customization and the latest of AI tools. We will also look into how you can easily create your OWN customer AI models for creating specific types of art!

Please Note:
ALL 3 Modules for this new Course will be taught LIVE as a ONE-DAY Special Event Happening on Saturday, December 10, 2022 (12:00pm, 3:00pm, & 6:00pm)! If you are unable to attend live, all recordings will be provided as well and available in the Member's Area once they are completed! You will ALSO receive access to all the Slide PDFs so that you have easy access to all the websites and info shared during the training!
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Live Class Schedule: Saturday, December 10, 2022 (12:00pm, 3:00pm, & 6:00pm)
Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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