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“Discover New, Creative Tools and Techniques You
Can Leverage to Create Inspiring Art Worlds to
Use for Physical Products, NFT's, and More!” 
These Skills Can Be Applied to SO Many Art Projects, Products, and MUCH MORE! 
I am a HUGE fan of pushing the envelope artistically, and to do so in a way that EVERYONE, including YOU, can join in on the fun. I also LOVE exploring new art trends, especially in the NFT space. I follow a LOT of artists of all styles and spend more time than I should be scouring the various NFT marketplaces. 

Over the past few months, I noticed a few design trends that really stood out to me for two reasons. First, this art was esthetically pleasing and was presented in a number of different styles. And second, much of the art I discovered was selling on the NFT Marketplaces like hotcakes! What IS this popular Art Trend?
This Hugely Popular Artist Trend is “Art Worlds!”

What Are Art Worlds? 

Art Worlds can take on MANY forms but portray the world (real or imagined) in some pretty crazy-cool ways, from planets and maps to scenes and rooms. The other thing I love about these art worlds is how creative and varied the art styles are. Most of these Art Worlds are (or appear to be) 3D modeled but, in reality, most just have the APPEARANCE of 3D. That means nearly anyone can create them without having to learn expensive, technically challenging software!
Below Are a Few “Art World” Style Examples I Created to Highlight SOME of What We Will Explore in “Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 8 – Art Worlds!”
3D Planet Worlds...
Voxel-Based Worlds...
Photo Composite Worlds...
I think you will agree...the illustrations above are just FUN...and ANYONE can create Art Worlds like the above!

There is an incredible diversity of styles that we can "play" with. And, once again, this latest BRAND-NEW in-depth training course features a new crop of the BEST tools and strategies you can use to create your OWN Art Worlds!

There will also be demos of additional styles not shared here! I cannot wait until you see what I am including in this brand-new training! 

Normally I pre-record these Hybrid Illustration demos, but this time, I have decided to demo everything LIVE! I will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to use the apps and programs to create stunning art for use in your books and physical products, for posters and art cards, and, of course, for NFTs... literally for use on any type of product based on art! Honestly, these tools are game-changers once you understand the best ways to incorporate them into your design workflow!

Here is what to expect:
  • Demos of the tools and strategies used to create the examples above (both free and paid options).
  • Design insights and strategies for using Art Worlds for your projects.
  • How to easily create art variations using interactive program options.
  • Best options for creating specific types of Art Worlds.
  • And So Much More...
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Your investment today into “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 8 – Art Worlds” includes:
  • 3 Modules of Webinar Training with  Software Demos, Design Strategies and MORE!
  • All Slides in PDF Form.
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