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I am continually amazed by the inventive, stunning ways we can create art today! One of my latest favorite approaches to creating unique art of all types is to use math-based generative art

Why use a math-based approach? Simple!

Much of the world around us...trees and flowers, rocks and seashells, hurricanes and snowflakes, etc. can ALL be defined using math and then replicated in art form using that same math.

Perhaps you have heard of: Sacred Geometry, Fractals, The Fibonacci Sequence, Hexagons, Concentric Circles, Waves, Shapes, Symmetry, Tessellations, Spirals...ALL based on math and ALL a part of Nature!

The fact that we, you and me, now have the ability to harness the SAME math that Nature is built from to create our own unique artforms is incredibly exciting and revolutionary!

Whether you need art for your children's books, book covers, POD products, fine art prints, and more, there are MORE solutions now available to you and me than ever before!
“The Best News of All Is That ANYONE Can Do This!”

Over the past several years, I've been exploring, testing, and using MANY types of HYBRID illustration styles with photos to demonstrate the types of illustrations you can create using simple photos and easy-to-use software. Yes, I've found some duds but ALSO programs that left me stunned by the art power they wield. 

In the latest training for the “Hybrid” series, “Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 7,” we head in yet another new direction by focusing on illustrations created using Generative Math. Over the course of 3 Modules, we will dive deep into MANY different types of Math-Based Generative Art! The illustrations below give you a taste of the crazy possibilities available to us using these amazing, math-based options!

I am often shocked by what can be created using the software we demo, but THIS time I was literally BLOWN AWAY by the results...just stunned!

Below are examples of what to expect from the training. They demonstrate the creative power available to us for creating unique, original illustrations of many types. Some of the programs we look at also give us MANY variations and variables we can use to tweak and refine our designs! Some of these illustration styles are simply NOT reproducible using ANY other software option!
All the Illustrations Below are 100% Math Generated Using Software We Will Demo in Volume 7!
2D and 3D Fractals...
Circular Particle Generation...
Shape-Based Generated Backgrounds...
Particle Flame Generators...
Music-Based Image Generators...
AI-Generated Characters With Fractal and Particle Backgrounds...
I think you will agree...the illustrations above are just insane...literally created with the push of a button using the software to be demoed in this training!

As you can see...there is an incredible diversity of styles that we can "play" with. And, once again, this latest BRAND-NEW in-depth training course features a new crop of the BEST!
I will walk you through EACH of the Generative Art options (25+) as well as share some next-level usage tips in the final module! 

Normally I pre-record these Hybrid Illustration demos, but this time, I have decided to demo everything LIVE! I will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to use the apps and programs to create stunning art for use in your children’s books and other types of books, for posters, cards, POD products... literally for use on any type of product based on art! Honestly, these tools are game-changers once you understand the best ways to incorporate them into your design workflow!

Here is what to expect:
  • Demos of all the Generative Art programs used to create the examples above (both free and paid options).
  • Design insights and strategies for using your generated art for your projects.
  • How to easily create art variations using interactive program options.
  • Best options for creating specific types of generative art.
  • And So Much More...
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Your investment today into “EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 7” includes:
  • 3 Modules of LIVE Webinar Training with 25+ Software Demos and MORE!
  • Ongoing Access to All Modules!
  • All Slides in PDF Form.
  • BONUS: “Deep Dive: FilterForge” Training
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“EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 7” 
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“EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 7” 
“EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 6”
Hybrid Illustration Styles, Vol. 6 Focuses on AI-Generated Images and Includes:
    • Demos of all the AI-Generated Illustration platforms used to create the examples above.
    • Design insights and strategies for using multiple programs together.
    • How to easily create variations to fit your tastes within each of the demos.
    • Project workflow and the best ways to handle processing multiple images.
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Secure payments through Paypal...
Due to the proprietary nature of the training, no refunds will be offered. Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
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